Concerned about the cost of dental health care procedures?

Why postpone your dental procedures until later, when treatment now will be more affordable than treatment later? Don’t put monetary concerns above your oral health. Delaying treatment can sometimes make treatment more extensive, expensive and sometimes, painful. Our understanding staff at Parkway Prosthodontics will help you develop a payment plan that maximizes your benefits if you have insurance – and keep your monthly bills as low as possible.

Before postponing any healthcare procedure, ask yourself these questions:

  • Will you be able to pay more later on, if the procedure requires more effort?
  • Will the procedure be less invasive if you do it now as opposed to later?
  • Are your teeth preventing you from advancing in your career?
  • Are they stopping you from socializing?
  • Has your self-confidence suffered because of the condition of your mouth?

Dr. Ryan addresses concerns with cost of dental implants and offers options

A consultation with our friendly office staff will enable you to learn about the various financing option available to you. Payments can be made through: