Patient Testimonials

"I was recommended by a friend and am very glad I was! I have had nothing but a great experience each time. From the front desk to Dr. Ryan and her staff, they are all great! I recommend Parkway to anyone and everyone :) Thanks for all that you have done!"

-Darcey C.

"Dr. Ryan and her staff are awesome! I guess I'm like a lot of people and experience a good bit of anxiousness when visiting the dentist but Dr. Ryan has made me feel comfortable so now I actually look forward to my future visits. Even though I am moving about an hour south of her office I will still be making all of my appointments with Dr. Ryan and her very competent staff."

-Stephen S.

"I started going to Dr. Ryan during the last year for persistent, long-standing dental and bite issues. I expected I would probably get new crowns and a new bite guard. Instead, on the first visit Dr. Ryan made an accurate and thoughtful assessment of my dental problems and referred me to a specialist, who in turn discovered that several teeth were in need of repeat root canal therapy. This was a crucial step because getting to the "root" of the problems first improved the odds that any subsequent dental work, such as crowns, would not have to be repeated further down the road, as had been my experience prior to Dr. Ryan. I am very thankful that Dr. Ryan is my dental provider now. I think very highly of her skills as a dentist and her compassion and caring attitude towards her patients. "

-Irma H.

"First of all I would just like to say thank you for all the hard work you and your staff have put into my teeth. I am especially thankful for the transformation of my smile, making it much more even. I really love my new teeth and how white they look. I am extremely grateful to have you as my dentist. You understand the difficulty of my situation and how hard it is for me to open wide. You were very patient and professional and I never experienced pain from trying to over open my mouth. In the past other dentists have been less understanding and tried to push me too hard, yet you did not. For that I am extremely grateful, you have made coming to the dentist a much more pleasant experience again. I now look forward to future appointments; you and your staff are so friendly. I am always treated with respect, and made to feel comfortable each visit. Anytime I have a problem your staff is quick to get me an appointment and get the problem solved. I would highly recommend you and your staff to my friends and family, the care I received was beyond exceptional."

-Theresa H.

"Highly recommend Kathryn and her staff. Entrusting someone with something as important as your smile, is a big deal. Professional, courteous and all around just good people. Best dental experience I have ever had. Thank you!"

-Tim F.

"Yesterday was my first visit with Dr. Ryan; I recently had not so pleasant experience at my previous dentist's office. Dr. Ryan and Joy made sure I was comfortable and took the time to explain all x-rays and procedures to me. Also, Barbara at the front desk made the scheduling process a breeze! Highly recommended!!"

-Bree W.

"I found them via a search here on Google. Honestly I wasn't sure what I might be getting into. However, I cannot say enough how pleased I am with the treatment I've received so far. Very professional and compassionate. Just a few short months to complete my treatment plan but there is light at the end of the tunnel and I'm thrilled with the results so far. I highly recommend Parkway Prosthodontics! THANK YOU Dr. Ryan, Mauricio, Joy and Barbara!!! (And sorry if I missed anyone by name!)"

-Terry W.

"My experience with Dr. Katie Ryan was something I'll never forget. Her care of her patients and myself was remarkable. The work I needed was extremely complicated due to trauma I endured in my younger years. I needed dental implants and wanted permanent teeth. These complications were corrected and my final product exceeded my expectations. I once again smile and eat whatever I want!! Thank you in a most sincere way to Dr. Ryan and her team."

-Nancy A.

"Dr. K. Ryan and staff was courteous, efficient and practiced highest standards of dental care as compared to my previous dental experiences. She was assigned the task of making permanent improvements to my dental health for my retirement years. Her treatment plan in my opinion was accurate and most cost effective. Partials, Crown and filling was done with no problems or pain. I will have to say I selected the best Prosthodontic professional in Jacksonville."

-Jack S.

"WOW, where do I start. I have been seeing dentist since the 70's when I had a football incident and got my teeth knocked out. I have to say Dr. Ryan is by far the best dentist I have been to. I've had over Twelve Thousand Dollars worth of dental work done by Dr. Ryan over the past year without any problems at all. Dr. Ryan explains everything that is going on step by step while your laying there in the chair. Dr. Ryan is a GREAT dentist. I couldn't imagine anyone other than her working on my teeth. GREAT JOB DR. RYAN"

-Darrell B.

"Dr. Kathryn Ryan is an extraordinary dentist. She uses state of the art research and technology in her practice. Also, I have found that she listens carefully, is very personable, offers rational options, and is extremely knowledgeable. Her staff is wonderful, too. They are friendly, efficient, and diligently follow up. Dr. Ryan has recently started her new practice in Jacksonville. I choose to drive seven hours round-trip to continue to keep her as my dentist. That is how grateful I am for Dr. Ryan."

-Donna D.

"As a Periodontist in the same community as Dr. Kathryn Ryan, I have the opportunity to work with a wide range of dentists and other specialists. Dr. Ryan is as good as it gets. She cares about each client like they are her only client and is dedicated to finding solutions for each one. She has a tireless work ethic and is a fantastic communicator. It has been an absolute pleasure and a privilege working with her."

-Douglas S.

"Dr. Ryan is a great doc. She is warm, friendly and engaging but most of all she is professional from start to finish. Dr. R. fitted me for sleep apnea appliance and I haven't slept this well in 20 years. I would recommend her to anyone, Thank you Dr. R. "

-Kathy O.

"From my very first visit to Parkway Prosthodontics, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable by Dr. Ryan and her friendly staff. She took a lot of time to explain the procedure and made sure she understood all of my concerns. You can tell she genuinely cares for her patients. Thank you for the great experience and quality work you've done on my teeth, Dr. Ryan!"


"Can't thank them enough for fixing my smile. Staff is very courteous and professional. The office is very comfortable and they clearly all take pride in what they do. I will recommend them to all my friends and family."

"I had quite complicated procedure in replacing my whole upper teeth. Thanks to the implant doctor and Dr. Kathryn Ryan follow up completeing and finishing new crowns. I feel great now again. Dr. Ryan expertise in dentistry field are highly recomendable. She is up to date with the newest technology, and her personal care for the patient are very reassuring and comendable."

-Flata W.

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