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‘Tis the Season to Smile

As part of our on-going commitment to help everyone in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities smile, we are proud to produce Volume II of our Patient E-Newsletter.

As we head into 2019, our efforts to educate, inform and share will continue. We will do our best to pick topics of interest, and we will feature our amazing team and patients. In addition, we look forward to answering your questions.

For Volume I, we decided to focus on the important topic of dental insurance. Please take a few minutes to read and learn. And, do not hesitate to give us a call with any concerns, questions or ideas – or to schedule your next appointment.

Use It or Lose $152 Billion!

Like most benefits at work, your dental insurance is very likely to reset on January 1, 2019. This means any amount of your annual maximum not used before then will be lost forever. In other words, you have paid for the benefits and will not receive them.

To help understand this better, let’s look at the numbers. According to a study by the American Dental Association (ADA), the average American with dental insurance receives only $323 of dental treatment a year. A typical plan has an annual maximum of $1,250. This means each of the 164 million people with private dental insurance is losing $927 per year. Do the math. This equals total, lost, dental benefits of $152 billion across American – every year. 

While these figures help many insurance executives smile, it hurts your smile (and overall health) – not to mention those of your family, friends and neighbors. Be different. Take control. Call today and let us know you want to use it, not lose it.

Meet Your Dental Insurance Concierge Team: Kim and Kimberly!

If the idea of using your dental benefits before they expire sounds smart, Kim and Kimberly are the people to know. They have years of experience helping patients build treatment plans and understand their dental insurance.

For most of us, understanding our benefits is like reading Greek. That is where a call to either Kim or Kimberly can make your life easier. They’re likely to already know the in’s and out’s of your plan, and they will make sure you understand all of your benefits – including any out-of-pocket costs – before you start treatment. Do not take our word for it. Call them today!

Lower Your Risk for Heart Disease, Osteoporosis and Diabetes

Like most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Most people realize that regular visits to the dentist – along with a daily routine of brushing and flossing – can prevent costly dental issues. This is the reason most dental insurance plans cover 100% of the cost of preventive care. Also, it is why they are rarely out-of-pocket costs for routine check-ups and cleanings.

What most people do not recognize is the direct link between healthy mouths and healthy bodies. In fact, a quick look at the numbers is startling. A recent study found that people who did not have access to routine dental care were 67% more likely to have heart disease. 67%! In addition, these folks were 50% more likely to have osteoporosis and 29% more likely to suffer from diabetes.

Without a doubt, these are even more reasons to give us a call and to make sure your smile – and body – are healthy.

HSA’s Welcome

Across Florida, more than 1.4 million people have a Health Savings Account (HSA). In many cases, people use these accounts in conjunction with high-deductible medical insurance plans to cover the increased burden of out-of-pocket fees and co-pays.

Fortunately, these funds can also be used for all types of dental care. Whether you are looking to offset the cost of a check-up and cleaning or to replace that missing tooth with a dental implant or implant-retained dentures in Jacksonville, your HSA funds are as good as cash.

Give us a call today to learn more about how HSA’s can be your ticket to a beautiful smile.

Meet Kimberly – Office/Treatment Coordinator

Learn About My Journey to Parkway Prosthodontics

Kimberly was born in Virginia, but she didn’t spend too much time there afterwards. Her father was in the military and stationed in Virginia at the time of her birth, but once he retired her family moved to Jacksonville and she’s grown up here ever since.

It wasn’t until she was introduced to Dr. Ryan through a mutual friend, that she decided to join the practice full-time. To this day, she’s incredibly happy to be working in a motivating and positive environment.

One of her favorite parts of the job is getting to learn about people’s stories that brought them to Parkway Prosthodontics. Watching patients through their journey of transformation is incredibly inspiring to her.

Learn About My Education and Experience

Kimberly graduated from Baldwin High School before attending Tallahassee Community College. She really enjoyed the people and the city while she was there. After finishing her time at school, she chose to work in Tallahassee for a little while before moving back to Jacksonville to attend courses at Florida State College.

By 2014, she was working as a receptionist at a general practice in Jacksonville and loving her time there. For four years she helped patients get healthy, stay healthy and keep the office as organized as possible. Building these relationships over the past several years has prepared her for her exciting role here at Parkway Prosthodontics.

Today, she’s been at Parkway since 2018 and can’t wait to make more memories with Dr. Ryan and the team that motivates her to do her best on a daily basis!

Mallory surfing

My Life Outside the Practice

When Kimberly isn’t working the front desk, you’ll likely find her walking her dog on the beach, playing the ukulele or painting beautiful pictures of the Jacksonville Beach scene. Her favorite places to visit include the Castaway Park trail for a nice jog or the Beach Hut Café for a delicious brunch. Aside from enjoying Jacksonville and its beautiful beaches, she loves traveling and visiting larger cities like Boston and Chicago.

We hope that when you visit, whether it’s for a routine checkup or to transform your smile completely, we hope you’ll enjoy Kimberly’s front desk company!

Is the iCat Truly Worth $100,000?

When it comes to advanced dental treatments like placing dental implants or treating problems related to the temporomandibular joint (TMJ), dentists shouldn’t always settle for traditional methods. This is especially true when we know that a better method to perform these treatments or solve your oral issues exists. To Dr. Ryan, it’s not about whether a certain device is worth a specific amount of money, but the standard of care she wishes to provide those in the community.

Quite frankly, if you’re visiting a dentist who doesn’t utilize the best technology for such advanced treatments, you may want to rethink visiting that dentist in the first place.

The cost of a device as advanced as the iCat Cone Beam Computed Tomography (or CBCT) medical X-ray machine is outweighed by the many benefits they offer patients who intend on getting Jacksonville dental implants, fixing issues with the TMJ, or performing another routine procedure more effectively. That’s the standard of care you’re promised when you visit Parkway Prosthodontics.

How the iCat Works to Improve Implant Placement

Implant placement is a very delicate and precise step in receiving dental implants that requires extensive planning. Patients need their bone density measured so the implant has enough room to integrate properly. They also need to confirm if their sinus cavity needs to be lifted to make room for implants. Overall, patients should want a more detailed plan when performing any type of surgery, and the iCat helps Dr. Ryan do exactly that.

By using a cone beam scanner to create a 3D image of your jaw, your dentist effectively creates a surgical guide of where to place the implant, the best way to access the jawbone, and ensure a better result for your placement, whether it be for a single implant or implant-retained dentures in Jacksonville.

A Clearer Picture of Your TMJ

As a prosthodontist, Dr. Ryan understands how complicated the TMJ and jaw are. The jaw involves several complex moving parts that a standard X-ray can’t observe as well. This is because typical X-rays only offer a 2D image, producing only a single snapshot of your facial structure. Therefore, finding the source of your problem, whether it be pain, clicking, popping, or lockjaw, requires a very detailed, 3D X-ray.

With the iCat, we can not only get a more detailed image, but examine how your jaw moves in real-time. This makes it far easier to see exactly what’s happening in your jaw and determine the source of your symptoms.

Routine Treatments Are More Comprehensive

While placing dental implants and solving TMJ symptoms are among the most common uses for the iCat, it doesn’t mean Dr. Ryan can’t use it to improve other treatments as well. For example, if you need wisdom teeth extracted, she can better plan your surgery and know what to expect before cutting into gum tissue, especially if the teeth are impacted.

Root canal therapy is easier to perform when your dentist knows exactly where the affected areas are. She can see the canal more clearly, make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned, and provide an even higher success rate for the treatment.

The iCat doesn’t only help patients like you receive the best care possible. It allows Dr. Ryan and her team to provide the fullest potential of their expertise. If your dentist is performing oral surgery, wouldn’t you want the best outcome possible? If you’re considering dental implants or need any of the treatments mentioned performed, we hope you schedule an appointment with us today and experience the new standard of dental care!