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Jacksonville Periodontal Therapy

Man and woman brushing teeth together Periodontal (gum) disease is one of the most common oral health conditions affecting US adults. In fact, as much as 50% of adults over the age of 25 have some form of gum disease, and this number increases dramatically to 80% over the age of 35. Perhaps the most startling statistic is that periodontal disease is that with proper care and regular appointments in our office, gum disease should be completely preventable. Even if periodontal disease is caught in the earliest stages, it is still completely reversible. Unfortunately, too many patients do not seek treatment until the disease has reached the more advanced stages. At Parkway prosthodontics, we’re here to help patients whenever they need us most, including providing treatments for patients suffering from periodontal disease. If you’re concerned you may need periodontal therapy, call our Jacksonville dentistry team right away. We’ll partner with you to renew your oral health.

What is Periodontal Disease?

Better known as gum disease, the definition of periodontal disease is actually hidden in the word itself. Periodontal is a compound of two words – perio meaning around and odont meaning tooth. That means that periodontal disease is an oral health concern affecting the tissues around the tooth.

How do I Know I Have Gum Disease?

Man looking at healthy teeth and gums

In the early stages, periodontal disease is referred to as gingivitis. Unfortunately, the mild symptoms of this early stage of gum disease are often overlooked. In the more advanced form, periodontitis, gum disease symptoms are much more severe, and they include:

What Periodontal Therapies are Available?

Woman receiving Periodontal therapy

In the early stages, gingivitis can often be treated with more frequent professional teeth cleanings and improved at-home hygiene. As mild gum disease advances into the periodontitis stage, more complex periodontal therapies are necessary to renew oral health. We offer a number of options, including:

Can I Prevent Periodontal Disease?

Patient receiving laser gum therapy

In most cases, yes. Some patients are at higher risk than other for this disease, but with careful daily tooth brushing and flossing and biannual trips to the dental office, you should be able to avoid periodontal disease. At Parkway Prosthodontics, we offer a variety of general and preventive dentistry services to help you keep your smile whole and healthy. We will partner with you to improve your a