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Celebrating Women's History Month

We decided to celebrate Women’s History Month and National Dentist's Day by sharing women who’ve changed the face of dentistry!

Today we want to acknowledge Dr. Clara MacNaughton! Dr. MacNaughton was a huge advocate for women’s voting rights, so it’s not surprising she became one of the first female dentists in the late 1800s. In fact, she was so involved with the women’s suffrage movement that she moved her practice from Michigan to Washington, DC to be directly involved with the national movement.

Dr. MacNaughton graduated from the University of Michigan in 1885 and moved to Grand Rapids to start her dental practice and even became the vice president of Michigan State Dental Society. When she moved to Washington, DC, her practice solely focused on women and children, using her gender as a professional advantage to be nurturing and understanding.

If Dr. MacNaughton seems familiar to you, it might be the similarities both Dr. Kathryn Ryan and Dr. Clara MacNaughton share. Not only did both doctors graduated from the University of Michigan, but, both lead their practice with their natural gentle female touch and a compassionate chairside manner! There is no doubt that if you think you would have loved Dr. MacNaughton that you will also love Dr. Kathryn Ryan!

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