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The cost of an All-on-4 denture plan will vary from patient to patient. We know it can be frustrating to hear this, but it’s the only honest answer. The total treatment cost typically falls between ten and twenty thousand dollars, but All-on-4 costs can be lower or higher for some patients. The only way to know where your treatment price will fall along this spectrum is to schedule an All-on-4 consultation. During these appointments, your dentist will examine your smile, discuss health history including past surgical experience, and help you determine whether or not All-on-4 is right for you. Once you’ve determined which tooth replacement options are likely best for you, the dentist or a financial coordinator for the practice can walk you through the cost of every step of treatment and help you budget for these advanced restorations. On this page, we’ll help you prepare for your All-on-4 treatment by reviewing some of the factors that can add to the overall price tag as well as why these treatments are well worth the investment.


The majority of the cost of your treatment will stem from the price of the dental implant posts themselves. Some other factors that may increase the cost of All-on-4 dentures include:

Preparatory treatments like tooth extraction.Services to improve oral health prior to beginning treatment such as periodontal (gum) disease therapy.Surgical guides, wax-up models, and other treatment planning tools and materials.Use of dental sedation during implant placement and other aspects of treatment.The materials used to manufacture your denture.


At this point, you may be wondering why All-on-4 treatment is worth the high initial investment. Some of the reasons patients choose All-on-4 dentures include:

Cost savings – That’s right! As pricey as All-on-4 treatment sounds, it’s actually significantly less expensive than traditional implant supported dentures for most patients.Improved stability – Patients typical have 70% or more of their chewing function restored compared with just 20% with traditional dentures. That means you can eat a wider range of foods and speak and smile with confidence in every situation.Semi-permanent solution – Most patients keep their All-on-4 denture for two decades or longer before they need to be repaired or replaced, and some can even keep the same restoration for the rest of their lives. Traditional dentures need to be repaired or replaced every five to ten years.


Jacksonville prosthodontist, Kathryn Ryan, DDS, MS, provides her patients with exceptional tooth replacement services that utilize her years of advanced training and experience in the specialty field of prosthodontics. Dr. Ryan completed her doctoral work in general dentistry and earned an additional master’s degree in prosthodontics after completing her doctoral studies. These added years of training, mean that Dr. Ryan is especially qualified to help patients who want to enhance, repair, or replace teeth to recreate their flawless, natural smiles. If you want to learn more about All-on-4 dentures or any of the other services offered by Dr. Ryan and the Parkway Prosthodontics team, call to schedule an appointment in our Jacksonville specialty dentistry practice today.

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