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National Dentist's Day

Another quite impressive female in the Dental world is Dr. Leonie von Zesch! She gave the profession youth, health, energy, enthusiasm, a lifelong devotion, and an unquenchable zest for living

Dr. von Zesch was quite the adventurer and had many interesting “firsts” in her dental career. She became the first paid female dentist for the U.S. Army. And by first we mean.. she served as a dentist for the Navy by disguising herself as male (she eventually got caught and was replaced by a male dentist).

If that one wasn't enough, Dr. von Zesch became Alaska’s first female dentist in 1915 (she traveled by a dog team in the winter to get to her patients!). 🐶

Still not interesting enough? How about when Dr. von Zesch took a dentist position in a female prison called California Institution for Women at Tehachapi, where her best dental assistant was a murderer. 💀

Even though our Dental Assistants are NOT murders and Dr. Ryan does NOT use a dog sled team to get to work(lameee), we continue Dr. Leonie von Zesch's spirit here at Parkway Prosthodontics with her energy, enthusiasm, and lifelong devotion for our patient's oral health and success!

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