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Sensitive Teeth or Toothache

You've waited for it all summer long, and fall is finally here! The northern birds are getting settled in, the fall flowers are blooming, and your teeth are hurting?

What? Wait? What was that last one?

If you have sensitive or aching teeth that seem to come out of nowhere, Florida fall allergies could be to blame.

We typically think of allergies as the cause of itchy eyes, sneezing attacks, and runny noses. But did you know the same processes that creates these common reactions, can also lead to sensitive or aching teeth. Your sinus cavities are located in the cheek area, right above the roots of your back teeth. Inflammation, congestion or infection of your sinuses can cause pain in the nerves of your teeth.

The only way to know if your achy teeth are the result of seasonal allergies, or if infections, gum disease, or tooth decay may be the cause, is to visit your prosthodontist.

“We see an increase in patients with teeth discomfort every fall and spring,” says Dr. Kathryn Ryan. But, it’s important to visit us to truly understand what is causing the pain!

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