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Smile Makeover with All-Ceramic Restorations

If you have significant issues plaguing your teeth, why not discuss the options of a smile makeover with a dental specialist? Our skilled prosthodontics team can combine the power of art and science to help you get the smile of your dreams. One of the most popular items in a smile makeover process is ceramic crowns.

An all-ceramic restoration is a crown made of dental ceramic. It’s a biocompatible, aesthetic, and sturdy option for restoring a damaged or decayed tooth. Dental crowns repair broken, decayed, or otherwise flawed teeth. Some of the most common applications of the dental crown include… • Restoring the shape of a chipped or broken tooth • Strengthening a weak or worn tooth • Restoring a tooth after significant decay • Holding together pieces of a broken tooth • Replacing one or more missing teeth • Making cosmetic improvements to severely flawed teeth • As the final step in a root canal

Traditionally, dental crowns are prepared and placed over two visits to the dentist’s office. But Parkway Prosthodontics has invested in an on-site lab. That means Dr. Ryan can prepare for, manufacture, and place your all-ceramic restoration in just one visit. Same-day dental crowns are just as effective as those prepared the traditional way, but they can save you significant time and stress -- not to mention your valuable sick leave or vacation time.

Making over your smile is a specialty of Dr. Kathryn Ryan's. To find out more about how we can best help you recreate your smile, contact us today!

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