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Do you have a denture that moves around when you talk or eat? Unfortunately, ill-fitting dentures are a common problem that can cause lack of confidence in your appearance and irritation in your mouth. Luckily, you can pair dental implants with your dentures for a strong and secure smile. Keep reading to learn more about implant-retained dentures in Jacksonville and the benefits that they can bring you.


This dental replacement gives you the ability to replace multiple, or all of your teeth in the same row with the security of implants. Dental implants in Jacksonville are tiny posts that are surgically placed in your jawbone to act as artificial tooth roots. They are made out of titanium, which is a biocompatible material that fuses to your jawbone to create long-lasting supports for your dentures. Your dentist will examine your mouth to decide where your dental implants should be strategically placed. Once they are integrated into your jawbone, you’re ready to have your full or partial denture mounted. This allows for a fixed or removable denture that you click into place instead of a prosthesis that rests on top of your gums.


Implant-retained dentures can bring you many benefits. Primarily, the security that dental implants provide for your denture will increase your biting power greatly. This allows you to eat more of your favorite foods as well as a better diet.

Another huge reason why patients are switching to implant-retained dentures is the boost in confidence that they receive. Gone are the days of going out in public and wondering whether or not your dentures will stay in place. Dental implants allow you the ability to talk and laugh in public without worrying about a slipping and sliding denture.

Additionally, implant-retained dentures allow for the most comfortable way to replace multiple or a whole row of teeth. Traditional dentures can cause irritation on your gums because they rely on suction. Or, you may have had to use denture adhesive in the past to keep them in place. Implant-retained dentures make your prosthesis as comfortable as possible, while also delivering you a more beautiful and natural-looking smile.

Does it sound like implant-retained dentures are right for you? Contact your dentist to get started on a more stable, strong, and reliable set of pearly whites!


Dr. Kathryn Ryan is an expert prosthodontist, which means she has additional education and training in esthetic and implant dentistry. She takes pride in her ability to boost her patients’ confidence with a better fitting denture. She currently practices at Parkway Prosthodontics, and she can be contacted through her website or by phone at (904) 204-1628 for any questions that you may have.

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