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Millions of Americans deal with tooth loss for different reasons, the most common being gum disease, injury or tooth decay. While great improvements have been made in dental care over the last decade, this is still a common problem for our patients. For a long time, the only options to treat missing teeth were dentures and bridges, but many patients now benefit instead from dental implants in Jacksonville, FL.  The differences between dentures and implants are many, and Dr. Ryan is very confident in the benefits of dental implants.


While dentures can replace your teeth to give you the look of a natural smile, they do little to stimulate bone growth or maintain the original shape of your jaw. They can also make you vulnerable to embarrassing situations where dentures slip while you are eating or speaking in public. Dental implants offer many benefits that remove these concerns from those with missing teeth.

  • Improved Speech – teeth will not slip while speaking, as they are implanted in the jaw.

  • Appearance – dental implants act and feel like natural teeth, so you can feel great about the way you look.

  • Comfort – implants become part of your jaw, meaning discomfort associated with dentures is eliminated.

  • Better Oral Health – with implants, other teeth are protected and left intact, providing improved oral hygiene.

  • Convenience – removing dentures can be embarrassing, but implants stay in your mouth and do not budge

Dental implants are actually placed in the jaw bone, stimulating the bone to grow and mesh with the implant, while dentures may actually cause deterioration of the bone. This stops the reduction or recession of your jaw bone and allows your face to maintain its shape. Dental implants may provide the most natural look for those who have missing teeth.

We are happy to answer any questions you have about the differences between dentures and dental implants. Contact us to today to schedule an appointment.

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