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Preventing Jawbone Deterioration in Jacksonville, FL

Preventing jawbone deterioration is critical for maintaining oral health and one’s facial appearance, as well as the ability to speak and eat normally.

The role of the jawbone – otherwise known as the alveolar bone – is to anchor one’s teeth into his or her mouth. It remains healthy through constant use, similar to the way muscles respond to exercise. As a result of chewing and biting, natural teeth stimulate and strengthen the jawbone. However, a variety of factors can weaken the alveolar bone, causing it to deteriorate over time. Though gradual, jawbone deterioration symptoms will be noticeable and constraining. They include:

• Misaligned, drifting, or loosened teeth • Collapsed facial profile • Distortion of facial features • Wrinkled skin around the mouth • Limited lip support • Headaches, facial pain, and jaw pain • Difficulty speaking • Discomfort when chewing • Sinus Expansion

Contact us at the first hint of jawbone deterioration. We will diagnose the reason and offer jawbone loss treatment plans.

Jawbone loss and deterioration can have significant effects on one’s oral health, appearance, and ability to eat and speak properly. Collectively our team has been providing professional oral healthcare for over 30+ years, and our team is committed to ensuring your wellbeing.

We can help you understand the reasons for jawbone loss and deterioration as well as provide jawbone loss treatment plans to improve your jaw’s strength and stability. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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