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Are you thinking about getting dental Implants? If so, you might be wondering how much the procedure is going to cost. It is important to understand that costs vary depending on your specific situation and who your practitioner is. Here are some of the top factors that influence the cost of dental implants.


Certain additional procedures may be necessary to prepare you for getting implants. For example, many people need to get bone grafts. If your jaw bone is too soft or thin to support the implant, the implant surgery could fail. In this case, the prosthodontist will graft bone material onto your jaw bone so it can support the implant more easily. Preparation procedures like this can make the overall cost a little more expensive, but it is sometimes necessary.


More factors that might affect the price of your dental implant:

  • Number of teeth that need to be replaced

  • Materials used

  • The experience of the dental specialist

Be careful if someone gives you a quote for implants before you are evaluated by a professional prosthodontist like Dr. Kathryn Ryan. There is no one-price-fits-all approach to this procedure.


Although not every insurance policy covers dental implants, some do, even if it’s just part of the procedure. For example, certain insurance companies cover the implant crown or allowances towards them as an equivalent to the cost of a dental bridge or traditional dentures. Talk to your provider to learn what is covered and also talk to your dentist about financing options.   No matter what the upfront costs of your implants end up being, it is worth it for the long-term success and health benefits. It is a viable permanent solution for anyone who was experienced tooth loss.

Contact our office to set up an appointment with Dr. Ryan to discuss potential costs.

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